Sunday, April 22, 2018

April Space Filler

So just like I said, I've been away and busy almost all month.  No progress to report.  If anything, "the busy" has gone on longer than expected.  I hope it all slows down soon so I can get back to my game.  We'll see in a few days.

Around the interwebs

I like Cock Hero videos.  I won't say they're my fav or anything, but if I find a new one, I'll at least take a minute to check it out & see if it's my thing (seriously, why do so many of them drop the original audio?).  Fap Instructor is kind of like a build-your-own Cock Hero.  You give it some rough limits & it builds a metronome for you that raises & lowers in speed.  It also lets you type in your favorite tumblr artist and it will pull random samples from their feed as well.  Honestly it's pretty limited, as there's no beat bar and it has no way of syncing with the action on the screen.  But I still found it to be pretty good for what it is.  Better than the sum of its parts, as they say.

Also, not a bad way to liven up regular old porn hub videos, assuming you don't mind the overlay taking up a section of your screen.  I briefly had this idea that I might try to make my own and make something that would fit nicely under a movie window, but busy April is busy.  Ah well, I'll put it in the pile for a rainy day.

Toffi is one of my favorite game makers.  He's been away for a while, but he's quietly returning and  with a new game demo.  Game is called Fallen Angel.  Getting the "full" demo currently requires a one dollar donation to his Patreon page.  Seems to have lots of running around, combat, and sex.  So yeah, it's a better version of what I'm try to do with my game.  haha.  It's more of a platformer (think Castlevania) and the heroine is a futa.  So long as those aren't deal breakers for you, then it's probably one to check out now.  Or at least bookmarks until he releases a free demo.

That's all for now