Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mini Post: August

Did y'all notice this month's update is late?  I sure did!  August turned out to be way more hectic than it should have.  I considered cancelling this month's update, but since I just took a month off back in May, I decided to go ahead & crunch out what I could during this last week of the month.

Naturally, this month required me to draw some stuff, and I wasn't happy with the first couple of iterations, which makes everything even slower as I stop & start over & redo it all.  Needless to say, not a lot to show this month, but yes, progress is being made.

Anyway, hey, machine sex.  Wooo.  Or it will be anyway.  Assuming I don't redraw it all again.  haha.  I'm actually pretty happy with most of it at this point.  Just need to get the animations together.  I believe this will represent the third & last phase inside the dunecrawler, so after this we can get back to exploring.  Really glad to have spent so much time here, as it was a section I really wanted to have.  Hope y'all will get as much out of it as I put into it.

Til next time

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mini Post: Improvements he says

Hey again everyone.  Getting a bit farther along with the dunecrawler content.  Ran into some real snags, as the saddle actually changes a bit throughout the different phases.  I had thought I already had all that worked out, but y'know how everything only works great in the planning phase.  Once I started actually adding the second stage of animations, well, had to go back & fix a lot.  Still, the slow boil of progress is, uhm, simmering?

I don't like getting folks excited for nothing, but I've been thinking it's been a long time since a public release.  So, I will probably release one as soon as the dunecrawler phases are all done.  Let's say three months to be safe, but I'm aiming for quicker.  Of course, y'know how great I am at getting shit done on time, so maybe I should be saying 2019?  Meh, we'll see.

Around the interwebs

I'd been skipping this section lately, but there's two things that caught my eye this month.   I felt they were worth of mention.

LOK: Rebirth.  I doubt anyone following me doesn't already know about this.  So consider this more of an unpaid advertisement I guess?  There's a small team lead by Kuja, and they're making a new game based around the Legend of Krystal universe.  It's a different type of game than mine, but it all draws from the same source content.  If you like my game, you should probably check it out.

A Zombie's Life.  Again, a much more popular game than mine, but wanted to recognize them for being in a very elite club.  They're on Patreon, and they've finished a game.  Seriously, that's a pretty small group, and that accomplishment is worthy of celebration.  Bonus points for the game actually being good.  Could use some breast variety, not a fan of JJJ jugs myself, but they know what sells.  Anyway, go check it out if you haven't already.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mini-mini post. I see no update.

So way back in May I knew I was in trouble.  Or well, just really busy anyway.  So I updated my Patreon & said "hey, no June update, I need to get my shit together".  That kerfuffle is mostly handled now, and I'm back to drawing stuff.  And it occurred to me today that most of you probably didn't see that update.  Yup, I'm great at this whole communicating thing.

Anyway, things are returning to the usual crazy here.  Updates should return to normal for July.

Does the picture look like a blindfold or just shitty sunglasses?  Going for a cloth/leather blindfold, but in this view it looks more like the latter.  Sigh.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mini Post: All cluttered up and no where to go.

So this month I let myself become addicted to Fire Emblem Heroes.  Stupid stupid stupid.  Also awesome.  No really, it's fun, but not so great for keeping the momentum going here.  (For those of you about to go search for it, it is not a porn game).

And yet somehow I also worked on my own game.  Yeah, surprised me too.  Nothing huge, but progress is being made on the dunecrawler interior.  And I'm actually happy with most of it.  It's not nearly cluttered enough to look really lived in imo, but I think it gets the vibe across.  More importantly, most of the objects in here are actually interactive.  There's actually so much stuff that there's no room left without having hitboxes overlap.

Also, female cum is hard to draw.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mini Post: Is it hot in here? well, yeah, it is a giant metal vehicle in a desert...

So I'm working on the dunecrawler interior this month.  It's still mighty barren, I haven't added in all the knicknacks that make a place look lived in.  But it's been kinda fun to work with creating new stuff again.  I had started to take a swing at this maybe... I don't know, say two years ago, and it came out so bad that I shelved it for "later".  I had even forgotten you could get in here until one of you pointed it out in the comments.  Anyway, this area will be a place where you can repair armors, and possibly grab one of the special ones if you didn't like your first pick.  At least, that's the plan for today - tomorrow, who knows?

Til next time

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mini Post: Yes those kneepads are already gone.

Working on the ruby plate right now.  It has more stages than any other armor, so it's taking longer than it should.  I made this series of pictures so I could see all the stages at once.  Thought y'all might get a kick out of it.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy New Year!

Okay, maybe I'm a week early wishing everyone a Happy New Year?  I don't get to be early often, so let me savor it a bit.  *Ahhhhhh*  Word on the street is that 2016 has been a pretty rough year.  I'd like to help, in the best way I know how.  (Hint, check the sidebar.)

A new game you say?  What is this madness?  Well....  calling it a new game is being generous.  Mini-game would be much more apt.  And it wasn't so much that I set out to make a new game, more like I looked around & realized I had all the pieces ready & just had to put it together.  I was looking at Playshapes' original game, which had these wonderful Legend of Zelda animation but no gameplay to speak of, and then I looked at one of my failed team projects that had this fun mini-game but no animations.  And I thought, "HEY!  I could really use a sandwich."  And after that I thought maybe I'd put these two together.

The sad truth is the gameplay that I originally thought was AWESOME wears out its welcome really fast.  Too fast in fact.  It's just not good enough to hang a full game around.  When I realized it wasn't going to work as a full game, rather than throw in the towel, I pruned it back a whole bunch and turned the whole thing into a minigame.  This has some interesting side effects.  For example, the story which was mainly window dressing now actually takes up a significant portion of the play time.

It occurs to me that I should also probably mention that I am NOT quitting work on Furry Fury.  It's been so long since I touched it though, I needed something small to get my skills sharp again.  I think this did the trick.  We'll see soon enough.

Anyway, enough rambling from me.  Go play it, I hope you like it, and I hope you have a great 2017.  Maybe I'll even post more.  *waves*

Around the Interwebs

Malise & the Machine is one of those "where did this come from?" games.  I had seen it referenced a few times, but it didn't sound like it was anything special.   Eventually I bothered to download the demo.  Wow, was I blown away.  It has an option for no-pause combat, which I strongly recommend.  Makes the game both frantic & exciting, something often missing from RPG fare.  And of course, there's sex too.  Having the sex during combat is usually a clusterfuck, but it just works here.  Come to think of it, I guess that's what Furry Fury is as well, so there's probably a connection there.

In a very similar vein of mixing combat with sexy times, Heroine Rumble is a wrestling game that does a great job of blending the two.  It could  still use some polish, and the characters all look borderline Loli to my eyes, but I'm watching this one eagerly.

And last on my list is Rubber Bullets.  Barbarian Babes is another one of those sites that I've known about forever, but never really paid much mind.  Their content always seems to focus on overly chesty women murdering each other.  Which, just isn't a kink of mine.  But recently I discovered rubber bullets, which is overly chesty women stunning each other, then having sexy fun times.  THAT is a recipe I can get behind.

That's all for now.