Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring/Sumer Update

The post where "I was not killed in a hilarious elevator accident".

Quote was from TFK Pokesmoke.  Reminded me that although I don't have anything new to say, maybe I should say something anyway.  It's been far too many months since my last post, just wanted to admit that I'm fine.  Minimal work on the game, but I'm a bit optimistic that will change soon.

That does NOT mean I have a release date in mind, simply that I think I'll have time to work on the game again.  I do miss coding.  /sigh

Around the Interwebs
I had not been playing much either.  But I did find a few games I think are worth mentioning:

Xenotake is a side scrolling platform game.  Run around as the heroine, shoot aliens, don't get raped.  Very solid all around.  The rape defense mechanic is just smash one button, that could use some work (oddly that's the topic on his page right now for his next game).  The second half of the game is frustratingly sex-light, but winning opens up a gallery, so it's worth pushing through.

Normally I dislike gallery mode, but it works here.  Probably should try to figure out why at some point.  I suspect it has to do with letting the grapple finish is a straight path to game over, so there's no way to enjoy the sex without a gallery.  Bummer that.

Sacred Eyes is a standard RPG for one of the RPG Maker/Ace/RTP engines.  Sorry, couldn't tell ya which, I just install them all & don't worry about it.  Walk around in top down view, bump into monsters, beat them up, take their stuff & gain levels.  Losing health also removes your clothing.  Get below ~25% health & the monsters can grapple / rape you.  Now there's plenty of these type of games out there, but I liked this one for several reasons.  The art is fairly good and the text is in English.  Not a high bar to jump over, but it does weed out a lot of games from this genre.

The real push over the top was simply that it's mildly hard.  I ended up losing several times early on, really having to pace my healing potions & supplies.  Losing just sends you back to town, so really it's just a time loss, but I still found myself trying not to lose & still having difficulty.  Of course, part of the problem was I didn't find the self-healing spell until MUCH later in the game.  That was my fault.  Still, it made the game far more interesting.

I'll note that I can't find the original link for this game.  This should be the link for the game with English text, but double check before you buy.  I see "TRANSLATED BY TATUAST!!" in the readme files, so I wonder if perhaps I stumbled into a fan translation purely by accident?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

January February Winter Post

Next release date: Unknown, but it's still far away.

 In an attempt to push out a monthly update, I'm going to try writing little posts every time I work, and then try to publish it all at the end of the month.  No promise this stuff is interesting, but hopefully it's better than silence.  Even with this plan, I've managed to already miss the Jan update, so this appears to be working great so far!

Gnome shopkeeper - He's coming along well enough.  It amazes me all the little things I struggle on that I "should" have been solved by now.  For example I only now realized that you can't have hair in front of the eye, as the eye is on a higher layer.  Wasn't a big deal for this guy, it was more of an accident really.  His eyes are bigger than normal, which made the problem more obvious.  I could add another layer just for hair if I really wanted, but he doesn't even have anything special going on with his hair.

Actually, pretty sure I did exactly this for the heros, come to think of it.

Also experimenting with hairy arms & legs.  Not sure if I like the hair matching his arm color or his head-hair color.  Hairy feet possibly incoming.  Originally he was going to be wearing bunny slippers, but not sure that gives the same vibe when he's in a village full of bunnykin.  Would it be weird to see human slippers in real life?

And I still don't have pants quite right either.  I may save that bitching for another post though.  Borderline nit-picking.

First actual monster finally added for real.

Holy cow, I had put off working on this guy because I didn't like how he looked, and also because I REALLY did not want to animate the tail for his slither animation.  Okay, I also didn't want to do an image search for snake dicks.  So many good reasons really.  Anyway, started working on him this month too.  He's actually in the game right now as a valid monster.  Yay milestone!  Okay, all he does is slide forward, and if he grabs you it switches to the bunnygirl sex animation because I haven't drawn one for him yet, but still he's there!  Totally counts.  ^_^

So many of you spoke up in favor of the double snake dong that it might as well be canon for snake monsters from now on.  I'm also thinking I will completely ignore "real" anatomy on this one & just draw what I feel like.  Nice thing about fantasy work, there's a LARGE grey area for "right" when it comes to snake, and I don't think too many folks will challenge me if I get it wonky.  So yay for that.

Also, those of you with sharp eyes will note that the hitbox for the snake actually follows his tail.  For some reason I think this won't actually work, but because he flips around so fast to face you, I don't think it will ever be an issue either.  I know it depends on which type of hit test I use, but it has been so long since I programmed that part I don't remember.  Fairly sure I used the 'good' one that would pick up on this.  I'm at least 40% sure of it.  =D

Around the Interwebs:

I'm late to the party on this one, but if for some reason you missed it, go check out the demo for Mogi Origins.  Developer's page is here, and offbeatr link to pledge money is here.  Demo looks really good, action seems solid, art is spot on, and I even liked the humor.  Sex may be a bit lacking, but I'm willing to be optimistic there.  Looks like there's plans to add several new girls, here's hoping it all comes together.

What have I been doing you ask?  I've been playing Skyrim with a mod called Sexrim.  You may remember I both loved & hated the sexmods available for Fallout3, mainly because Sexout didn't work & I was forced coble together outdated mods instead.  Well, it looks like that team gave Skyrim the same treatment, and the results are surprisingly good.  They do a fantastic job with some of the tougher details like alignment & facial expressions.  It's not perfect by a long long way, but the improvement over the other sex mods I've tried is just astonishing.  If you're sitting around waiting for TESO to come out, go fire all this up & give it a try.  The path to getting all of it working is long & poorly documented, but it is worth the effort.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Has it really been 3 months???

Wow.  So I sat down today to work on the game a bit.  And as I was getting moving, it occurred to me I hadn't posted this month.  Apparently I also didn't post in November nor in October.  Wow, I suck at keeping y'all updated.

On the other hand, there hasn't been much to update either.  When I get free, I mainly doodle & try to plan out events.  When I have more than an hour (like today), then I get to actually do a bit of drawing in the game.  Right now I'm working on some background characters.  There was a push to have more interaction with them (sex).  I think that's cool, it does make the game much more interesting.  It just takes a lot longer to draw them well enough to fap to, and then animate them on top of that.  For example the shopkeeper inside the dunecrawler was originally a mole-man.  Turns out that's just not very sexy, so now he's more like a Gnome.  Which isn't super sexy either, but I'm willing to settle for "better" at this point.  haah.  (If you have a mole-man fetish, my apologies.)

So nothing earthshattering is going on, but stuff is going on.  Slowly.

While I'm filling white space, let me babble on about something that has been a problem for a while, and is only continuing to get worse.  Right now the game comes out at just under 10 MB.  That's perhaps a bit large for a Flash game, but I haven't seen it cause any real issues with the gameplay.  What I am seeing however is incredible delays when I'm working with the source file.  That file is 150 MB and growing.  I don't think Flash was meant to work on files that large.  Just pressing the save button can take in excess of half an hour, and you can forget about doing a "Find & Replace" operation.

Fortunately, most of the work I need to do now is just drawing.  I can do that in a separate file, and then move the art over once it's done.  So this isn't the show-stopper that it could be.  It does make me wonder if I'm doing something very wrong however.  Like instead of one big source file, was I supposed to have 10 little ones & then combine them together at the very end?  I don't know, and I don't see any obvious path to make such a trick work in Flash.  I can't help but wonder if this is one of those things they teach in programming school that separates the hobbyists from the pros.

Around the Interwebs:

I'm not exactly sure when Parasite in the City was released, but it's available now.  I'm not huge on zombie porn, but the game itself is pretty good.  Good enough that I finished it anyway.  The controls are sluggish & the porn didn't really click with me, but despite all that there was still a whole lot of neat details that really made the game stand out.  For example, in the screen shot above two of the enemies have grappled each other for sex, rather than chasing down the hero.  That's pretty cool imo.

Oddly, that's the only game I can think of in the last couple of months to catch my eye.  I suppose it is possible that there's been a shortage these last couple of months.  I haven't been surfing nearly as hard as I used to, so I'm more likely to believe that it's out there & I just haven't seen it.  Or I've become very picky.  hahah.  Regardless, if you found an awesome porn game over the last few months, feel free to mention it in the comments.

Til Next Time

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September update

My game update: As you might have guessed, I'm fed up with being busy all the time. So today I slacked off & worked on my game. Feels like it's been eons since I've touched it. Most of the time was spent going "how did I do this last time?". I even had to do the "where did I put my notes? I put them somewhere safe so I wouldn't have to search for them" - yeah, that search. Naturally they were right in front of me, just under a pile of other stuff. haha

So, very slow today, but it's nice to at least say the game isn't totally sitting still anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to build some time in each week & get this project moving again. It sucks to have projects to do that are both fun & rewarding, but not be able to get to them.

Around the Interwebs:

K, since my game is slow, let's talk about other games. The first one was a total surprise to me. I found it in my inbox. Game is called Pendulum, developer is cheshireCat, and you can find links to the game on his blog.

Now, let me say, one of my side-dreams for this blog was to review porn games. I'm unaware of anyone else who does so well. So getting a porn game in the mail for free was like hitting the goddamn lottery. Super-psyched. Too bad he sent me the link a month ago. Like I said, busy here. hahah

Anyway, the game is both cool & flawed. It's a platform game where you race upwards to avoid being burned by lava. The enemies will grab you & rape you, which doesn't necessarily end you, but it does waste lots of precious time.

In further coolness, the levels seem to be randomly generated on the fly - monsters & platforms are never in the same place twice. There is also a GLADOS-like voice taunting you during the levels, which I found to be very cool until it started repeating itself. So, some really cool concepts going on here.

The flaws come in the pixel porn itself. There's a cut-off for me where the pixels are so coarse that the porn just stops being interesting. This game is well over that line. The sprites are so low-rez that they might as well be censored. Hell, maybe they are, I can't tell. hahah. Some folks like that level of detail, as it leaves a lot to the imagination. Sadly, that's not my thing. Even so, glad to give a fellow artist a bump. Good luck man!

Next up was another surprise. Hounds of the Blade had an update. This was a game I had written off as being dead. I don't think the author had updated in over a year. Seeing this one come back was, well, a bit inspiring really. Having my own game sit, and seeing a (better) porn game do the same & come back, well, yeah, just cool all around.

You can find he game on the author's blog, but you will probably have more luck using ULMF instead. Not only can you find an english translation patch, but you will sometimes find torrents or just good links directly in the forums. At the minimum, you can usually find someone who speaks enough Japanese to point ya to the correct download link on the author's site.

And lastly, I wanted to also add a link to Ellowas. This one isn't a game link, but rather some impressive 3D movieclips. I had been following him (her?) a while ago for some of his warcraft porn, but hadn't visited in a while. Sometime since then he's started adding sound to his little movie clips, and wow, they went from good to amazing. So I thought this deserved a bump, if for nothing else other than I really dig the clips he did with Elizabeth. Who I think is from Bioshock Infinite, which is a game, so the link totally counts. haha

Til next time

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Non-update

Y'know how a month or so ago I joked about being too busy in real life?  Yeah, I should know better than to say stuff like that.  I've had a shitstorm of work fall upon me, and I really haven't had time to do anything with the game.  Mostly my own fault - I took a good look at where I'm at now & realized I could be happier, so I tried to change it.  I took a couple of risks simultaneously, and if any of them had paid off I'd have more spare time for fun stuff (like this).  Naturally none of it came together thou, so now I'm just buried in work.

Don't worry, I'm not dead, nor am I starving or hurt or anything like that.  However, my plans to have more time to work on the game have backfired spectacularly.  It would make a great story, if I had time to tell it.  hahahahah  Well, okay, maybe not great, but better than most reality TV anyway.  =D

So that's where I'm at.  Thank you for all the well-wishes I've been seeing in the comments.  Rest assured, game is NOT dead, just on a long, long detour.  Continue to expect delays, and I'll continue to keep y'all updated as I can.


Monday, July 1, 2013

End of an era?

So, not sure what to say about that.  On one hand, I don't link adverts, so I should be 'safe'.  Although a first glance might mistake the previous post for adverts I reckon - scary thought!

In reality, looks like Blogger is ramping up a quest to remove porn from their servers.  I'd be less scared if they had given a larger window, but since I didn't receive it until after the cuttoff date, I can't help but read between the lines.  For that matter, it's about to be a big holiday week here in the USA, so many won't be checking their e-mails at all.  The timing is far too sketchy.  It'd be like announcing layoffs on December 26th.

So, based on their e-mail I should still be around for the near future.  But I can't help but wonder how long it will be until they decide I'm on the chopping block.  For what it's worth, should they shut me down I'll start posting a bit more on the legend of krystal forums and on ULMF

That's all.  Haven't put together an official July post. Wanted to get this out ASAP, just in case I can't post tomorrow.  =(


Monday, June 10, 2013

June update: Break time!

This post will no doubt disappoint.  I have not worked on LotTO this month.  I've been busy with a combination of real life stuff and work.  Okay, that's a lie.  I'm busy playing Wartune.  It's not a great game, but it is surprisingly good for free.  I enjoy it, reminds me a great deal of the old Final Fantasy games I grew up with.

Not sure I trust the folks behind it terribly much though, as they seem to pull some really underhanded shit.   Since this is a porn blog, and blogs must have pictures, here's some examples.  Keep in mind that Wartune has NO PORN in it at all:

Yeah, would you guess it was an average flash game with a little cheesecake?  If you've been 'round ye old Interwebs, then yeah, you probably could have figured that out.  I like the idea of a free to play porn game as much as the next guy, but I know bullshit when I see it.  Which is a shame, cuz the base game isn't bad really.  Ah well, think of it as a good indicator as to the team behind the game.  I would have considered giving them some cash right up until they pulled this shit.  Oh, here's a link to the Escapist with some more details about the advertisements if you are curious.

In other news, although I have not been working on LotTO, I have been dinking around with making porn games.  As we've covered before, my game-making pace leaves something to be desired.  The big culprit (imo) is that I'm not motivated to draw.  So, I've been working on that behind the scenes.  No, I haven't learned to love drawing.  I've been searching for an artist.  And I've found a few in fact.  Sadly, nothing has really panned out yet.  Many of the folks are missing some combination of  talent,  tools, or time  (Oh, all T's - I wins!).  I've helped code a few minor bits here & there, but much of it never gets past the "ideas" phase.  Actually, that's a slight lie, I have one that's maybe 30% towards being a playable demo - I would love to get that one to a showable state, even if it ends up never going anywhere.

So anyway, that's my month in a nutshell.  I'm pretty deep in Wartune's claws atm, so don't expect anything from me soon.  Hell, I haven't even been surfing my usual porn sites, so I can't even give y'all a linkdump this month.  No fear, things will get better.  They always do.  :)

Til next time