Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mini Post: February - Something something about laying down on the job.

This month was a slow month as far as progress goes.  I did finish up the double teams for the male elves, so that's good.

The rest of the progress though is mostly behind the scenes stuff that y'all shouldn't see or care about.  Of those, the biggest one is I'm still not happy with how poison works.  Right now, you can tick down & change poison levels when the game really isn't ready for it.  It's not game-breaking, but it can (temporarily) cause half of your character to change color and the other half to remain the same.  So that's not right, but my first real "fix" made it worse, so I'm back to square one.

That probably sounds a bit bitter, and I'm really not.  These are the sort of problems I like to chew on, it just wears on ya a bit when you think you've fixed it & the fix is worse.  The good news I can leave it alone & the game does still function, so fixing this is a pretty low priority (say, compared to actually making new content).  But this level is the last place where poison really plays a role, so I'd like to have it fixed while I'm here, so to speak.

And that's what's up.  See ya next month.  :)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mini Post: January - Kneeling down on the job again.

Still not fully in the swing of things, but I am working on game more.  More than the last few months anyway.  And enough that I figured I'd post a little content.  Yeah, it's not much by itself, but it's another brick in the wall.  (Insert your favorite cliche here for a small amount of progress that adds up over time).

I'm trying to play with some new poses.  Early on I drew a few different body parts from different angles.  I've always liked this front/side view I have for the torso, but it's only used in like 2 or 3 poses.  I'm hoping to get some more mileage out of that.  The problem is it doesn't quite fit with my other body parts, so I have to play with the poses more than normal to avoid making whole new arms/legs/heads.  Seriously, man oh man do I not want to draw more hero body parts.  That's one of those feature creep events other game makers warn you about, but you never take seriously until you dig that hole for yourself.  Not entirely sure what I'd do differently in my next game, as I do really like all the different outfits, but multiplying the outfits x each possible angle x each body part, it's really too much (for me anyway).  Ah well, let me work on this game first, that's a problem for another day.  Hah!

Also, anyone notice the green plant in the background looks like a tentacle is anal probing the elf on the right?  His facial expression even kinda matches!  No one?  Just me?  Okay.

-Til next time

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mini Post: December - Where have I been?

TL;DR: Got married, failed to sell a house, and got addicted to a new hobby.

Hey again everyone, wanted to drop a quickie here and let ya know I have not been working on the game.  Shocked, I say!!!  Don't fret too much, I'm starting again, just took a longer break than expected.

Had some "life changing events" happen, which were awesome, but kept me away.  Of the list above, the failing to sell my old home has been the biggest drain by far.  Amazing to me how much of my spare time it drains, to say nothing for my motivation.

Anyway, life is good, sometimes great even, and I expect to get back to making the game again in the near future.  If I miss January though, don't panic.  Just saying.  hahah.

I hope y'all have a great holiday, whatever denomination you follow, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!


Monday, October 23, 2017

Mini Post: October

One of the (many) problems with making a game over several years is that I can never remember what I have & haven't told y'all.  One of the "plot" points from act 2 was supposed to be that the elves were attacked on their way to the festival, and that most of them are still missing.  I'm getting to that part now.  I expect the next few posts are going to look like recycled content, because in some ways they are.  Not sure if having it planned to be recycled helps or hurts, but it was the reason I chose to do the Nagas first way back when.

In other news, Patreon is apparently cracking down on certain NSFW game makers.  They haven't contacted me, so I'm not entirely clear what they're hunting.  From what I'm reading on other sites though, it sounds like their primary target is simply making sure that any public facing images are safe for all audiences.  That's honestly a pretty fair request imo, but they need to be a bit more open about it.  Right now it sounds more like a witch hunt.  Anyway, here's hoping I stay under that radar.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Public Release!

Oh wow, has it been a while.  Game is now posted with all the updates from the last half year or so.  Go check it out.  I'll wait.  ;)

Quick list of what's new:

  • Finished all three special armors (ruby plate, chain bikini, sorceress robes)
  • Naga double teams
  • Poison has been revamped
  • Dash attacks of enemies have been slightly changed
  • Events with shopkeeper inside dunecrawler
  • Able to steal / return all three special armor sets once inside dunecrawler

Honestly, it's not a ton of new content, but I'm glad to say there's new content once again.  A long time ago I had said that I wasn't going to work on the game a lot on any given day, but I was planning to work consistently.  The idea being that slow, steady progress wouldn't burn me out.  Naturally I fell off that wagon almost as soon as I said it.  Ever since I've started my Patreon account though, I feel like I'm hitting that stride more often than not.  It's a nice reminder that I need to produce, but not so much that I feel burdened.  So, I feel like the experiment is working.  I hope you do too.

So now it's just a race to make sure I finish the game before Flash falls so far into obscurity that y'all ca no longer play it.  Which, by the way, I think some of you are already struggling here.  I'm seeing more notes about how the game doesn't play like it used to, or doesn't play in your browser, or doesn't play at all.  With Flash support slowly being discontinued, you may have to hunt around a bit to ensure your version of Flash is actually installed & up to the challenge.  Back when I started this, Flash was practically a default setting, now it requires work to get it running.  Don't be shy about checking YouTube for some how-to install Flash videos.  For those of you who like to future-proof yourselves, you might want to find a stand alone Flash player as well.

Around the interwebs

So I assume you're already familiar with Cock Hero?  I consider them games, although you could argue they aren't.  You're just sitting there watching a video, the interactive part is largely up to you.  Which I have to say is kind of nice.  As a game designer (HA!) I have to worry about whether or not one hand is free during certain parts of my games.

Anyway, a guy going by WatchItDry had the great idea of combining cock hero videos with the RPG game engine.  The result.... honestly isn't great.  At least, not yet.  It's like all the ingredients are there and greatness is just around the corner, but he hasn't found the right ratio for chocolate to peanut butter.

If I've got your interest, the original beta release is over at Milovana, and he now has his own web site set up called Decadence Island.  Fair warning, his site looks sleazy as fuck.  I haven't signed up, and I liked the demo enough that I'm talking about it now.  Also be aware that the game is over 4 GB.  That's just one of the problems he's trying to address.  His current plan to address that is releasing episodes instead of a full game.  Which although I totally understand it's a technical limitation he's trying to work around, it's not helping the sleazy angle.

I've spent far too much time thinking how the game could be better if he'd do this or that, but all of that gets pushed aside by my biggest concern, which is I'm not sure that such a game is actually legal.  Or I should say, he won't get his ass sued into oblivion.  Regular Cock Hero videos take existing porn videos (which are copyrighted) and add catchy music (which is also copyrighted).  I assume that the only reason those creators aren't getting shut down is because they do it for free (and/or are hard to track down).  It looks like WatchItDry is hoping to earn money creating the RPG side.  That certainly is value added work, but I think he's going to get himself in hot water for the Cock Hero side.  Here's hoping I'm wrong.  (Also, not an attorney, so if I've gotten my copyright/trademark/patent terms crossed, forgive me & move on).

Til Next Time

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mini Post: August

Did y'all notice this month's update is late?  I sure did!  August turned out to be way more hectic than it should have.  I considered cancelling this month's update, but since I just took a month off back in May, I decided to go ahead & crunch out what I could during this last week of the month.

Naturally, this month required me to draw some stuff, and I wasn't happy with the first couple of iterations, which makes everything even slower as I stop & start over & redo it all.  Needless to say, not a lot to show this month, but yes, progress is being made.

Anyway, hey, machine sex.  Wooo.  Or it will be anyway.  Assuming I don't redraw it all again.  haha.  I'm actually pretty happy with most of it at this point.  Just need to get the animations together.  I believe this will represent the third & last phase inside the dunecrawler, so after this we can get back to exploring.  Really glad to have spent so much time here, as it was a section I really wanted to have.  Hope y'all will get as much out of it as I put into it.

Til next time

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mini Post: Improvements he says

Hey again everyone.  Getting a bit farther along with the dunecrawler content.  Ran into some real snags, as the saddle actually changes a bit throughout the different phases.  I had thought I already had all that worked out, but y'know how everything only works great in the planning phase.  Once I started actually adding the second stage of animations, well, had to go back & fix a lot.  Still, the slow boil of progress is, uhm, simmering?

I don't like getting folks excited for nothing, but I've been thinking it's been a long time since a public release.  So, I will probably release one as soon as the dunecrawler phases are all done.  Let's say three months to be safe, but I'm aiming for quicker.  Of course, y'know how great I am at getting shit done on time, so maybe I should be saying 2019?  Meh, we'll see.

Around the interwebs

I'd been skipping this section lately, but there's two things that caught my eye this month.   I felt they were worth of mention.

LOK: Rebirth.  I doubt anyone following me doesn't already know about this.  So consider this more of an unpaid advertisement I guess?  There's a small team lead by Kuja, and they're making a new game based around the Legend of Krystal universe.  It's a different type of game than mine, but it all draws from the same source content.  If you like my game, you should probably check it out.

A Zombie's Life.  Again, a much more popular game than mine, but wanted to recognize them for being in a very elite club.  They're on Patreon, and they've finished a game.  Seriously, that's a pretty small group, and that accomplishment is worthy of celebration.  Bonus points for the game actually being good.  Could use some breast variety, not a fan of JJJ jugs myself, but they know what sells.  Anyway, go check it out if you haven't already.