Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Non-update

Y'know how a month or so ago I joked about being too busy in real life?  Yeah, I should know better than to say stuff like that.  I've had a shitstorm of work fall upon me, and I really haven't had time to do anything with the game.  Mostly my own fault - I took a good look at where I'm at now & realized I could be happier, so I tried to change it.  I took a couple of risks simultaneously, and if any of them had paid off I'd have more spare time for fun stuff (like this).  Naturally none of it came together thou, so now I'm just buried in work.

Don't worry, I'm not dead, nor am I starving or hurt or anything like that.  However, my plans to have more time to work on the game have backfired spectacularly.  It would make a great story, if I had time to tell it.  hahahahah  Well, okay, maybe not great, but better than most reality TV anyway.  =D

So that's where I'm at.  Thank you for all the well-wishes I've been seeing in the comments.  Rest assured, game is NOT dead, just on a long, long detour.  Continue to expect delays, and I'll continue to keep y'all updated as I can.



  1. Excuse the bad English that I have, because not mastered English

    I love your work, I encourage all hope you can move forward with the game

    Greetings from Colombia

  2. -Insert Rage face at delays-
    Well at least your alive and kicking, sadly just not kicking the workload in the rear. Hope you continue to do well!

  3. I appreciate your strict and honest posts.
    Well i wish you a well doing and a not stressing progress in mastering all these things ;)

  4. figured as much...but thanks for the peace of mind, and let us know when your got a shit ton of time on your hands (probly never)

  5. i like monthly updates even if its just "i didn't do anything" cuz at least we know you havent given up on it. I really dont like that ANOTHER game maker likes to tell people that will only make people frustrated, well excuse me i'll tell YOU what makes me frustrated >:(

  6. Yep. You're doing everything right, except for bringing a "shitstorm of work" upon your head. :)
    Hope all is well, and hope the encouraging posts here help give you the fire to keep on truckin'!

  7. Your work is great, we will keep following you. You're great, don't stop! I know at least 15 people who (confessed me XD), they know and appreciate your work

  8. I'm so found of your work. Just continue like that. Don't stop ! I wish you a well doing :)

  9. Maybe you could consider expanding your dev team? A trusted friend or experienecd follower of you dev blog can be a great way to at least get some minor stuff done while you take care of real life.

  10. Dirtyc
    Bro you just got to try and enjoy creating the game more
    It shouldn't feel like a chore you know
    It should be fun and creative

  11. Patiently waiting for updates to this awesome game :-) I'd like to see more customization for playable characters if possible. Not into furry stuff so please keep human females in it! TK

  12. After seeing that each playable character represents each race that appears during the game, could you also make a elf as a playable character?